calm but readyDon’t be a victim learn to deal with potential violent situations with our proven control and restraint techniques, or deal with high threat situations with our pre-emptive attacks to stop any would be aggressors in their tracks.

~Agoge Training & Self-Defence Academy is a hybrid training and fighting system that can be used for self-protection purposes or in a competitive arena.

~Agoge Training & Self-Defence Academy has been serving individuals, classes and businesses for over 15 years in the Oxfordshire area. So whether you want to get fit, get lean and in shape or prepare for a sport or simply want to learn self-defence to protect yourself and loved ones, we can help you to achieve your goals.man on man 1

At Agoge Training & Self-Defence Academy you will learn the skills how to properly take responsibility for your personal safety, how to formulate a self-defence game plan that works, how to sharpen your awareness skills and stay “switched on”, how to conquer fear and adrenaline, how to really hit hard and hit first when necessary, how to install panic in your attacker and for them to capitulate and much more.


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We will help inspire, motivate and guide you through to your goals. Training is done in a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere with no big egos. Everyone is welcome, regardless of fitness or experience. Get fighting fit, look good and feel great It takes years of hard work and discipline to hone your skills in becoming a human weapon.


Some history: Hamish Keogh is head coach at Agoge training & self defence academy who has over 35 years experience in physical education, martial arts and combat training. Black belt in several martial arts styles, certified ABA of England boxing coach and mma instructor, as well as a fitness, strength and conditioning specialist. Who has travelled and trained with renound world martial arts masters and champions. Gaining great insight, knowledge and experience in many forms of martial arts and combat training systems.hamish believe

We at the Agoge believe a healthy, fit and strong body will serve you well, this is done through physical education and not just self defence training alone, thus training mind and body to be equally strong building confidence, discipline and courage to be better than you were. Teaching modern day training methodologies that are both practical, effective and realistic in to days sometimes dangerous society.

This why at the Agoge training & self defence Academy we draw from many combat, martial arts disciplines to create a hybrid self defence training system that works.